Painted Anchor Window


I hoard old windows. I have been buying them at flea markets, antique stores, and even swap and sell Facebook sites. I plan to clean them all up and paint something unique and pretty on each one. It’s hard to part with them all because after I paint them I usually want to keep them for myself, but there is no way I can hang anything else on my walls. The beautiful weather this weekend had me in the mood to go outside and start painting some! I had pinned a cute little pallet board with an anchor on it a while ago, and decided to mimic the anchor on one of my windows. After all, anchors are kind of like the new mustache. Anchors aren’t anything necessarily appealing in real life, but slap it on curtain or a necklace or a window and suddenly it’s a lovely design trend.

Some tips when painting on windows:

• Have some q-tips handy for quick fix-ups and smears that may happen.

•Have a clean water cup to dip q-tips or a towel into and then use to wipe off paint if you mess something up. You can even just scratch the paint right off!!! Mistakes are super easy to fix on the glass.

I started with a white base and freehanded the anchor directly onto the glass. I am a fan of eyeballing everything. Rulers are not my friend. Whatever looks like the middle to me is the middle 🙂


I then started to mix some blue strokes in. I used some of the blues straight from the bottle, but I also mixed a few new shades of my own. 


I added some browns along some edges to make the anchor pop. Then I painted some dry strokes along the wood on the other side of the glass for a border effect. And voila! All done. Now I just need to add some wire on the back to hang it.