5 Spring Trends I Am Loving at the Moment

Lists are a fun read and easy to write so I am going to try to do more on my blog. No one wants to read long and boring paragraphs, at least I don’t. So with the weather starting to actually feel like spring I am SO excited to put my chunky sweaters and boots in the back of my closet. I have been wearing sandals for the past two weeks because I cannot stand boot socks or anything like that anymore. It is April! We have been in winter fashion mode for almost 5 months! That is almost half a year! So here are some spring trends that I am loving at the moment.

1. The Colored Blazer

I just bought this ‘hot orange’ blazer from Target last week. I wore it to an interview for an internship (which I got! yay!!!). I used to wear a black blazer all the time a few years ago and then I just got bored with it. I paired this blazer with navy crop pants and brown flats. It would also look great dressed down with a floral shirt and jeans.


2. The White Blouse

You can never have enough basic items. You can wear them so many different ways. A white top is no exception. I find my closet lacking in dressier white tops to wear with denim shorts/crops or leggings. I need to find some nice tops to wear with bright, chunky necklaces or a light scarf. I found these ones on The Chriselle Factor.

The Chriselle Factor

The Chriselle Factor

3.  The Nude Boot Sandal

I probably have over 15 brown sandals. I have a little bit of an obession. But I do not own a truly nude color. They would go great with pretty much every outfit, just like nude heels do. I love the higher, boot looking sandal like this one I found on Pinterest.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Just once I would like to try on a pair of boyfriend jeans and have them fit me the right way. They end up looking like bad mom jeans on me unless they have a short inseam. These slouchy pants have such a relaxed and casual look that you can wear with sandals.

5. Print Mix & Match

Florals have always been a spring trend, as well as every other kind of print. Why not wear them all together for a fun and unique look? As long as the prints have a similar color or shape, they will have a sort of match quality to the outfit and you can pull it off.





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